Daniel Metlay joins Decidia’s Advisory Board

François Diaz-Maurin

François Diaz-Maurin

We are very happy and honored to have Daniel Metlay joining our Advisory Board!

Dan is a former Senior Professional Staff of the U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board. He has extended experience about the institutional and technical challenges of developing a deep-mined, geologic repository for high-activity radioactive waste in the United States and abroad.

At Decidia, our advisors are all leading scientists in their own fields—from materials science to geosciences, geoengineering, energy analysis, integrated assessment, sustainability sciences, statistics, uncertainty quantification, risk governance and ethics of quantification.

Our Board members provide us with advice on an as-needed-basis for our different research and consulting projects. They support us in making sure that we provide services of the highest scientific quality and relevance.

Learn more about Dan and the other Advisory Board members here.

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