New preprints on socio-technical evaluation for nuclear waste management

François Diaz-Maurin

François Diaz-Maurin

Dear all.

We are glad to share our latest research!

We just made available two (2!) preprints presenting a new socio-technical evaluation method for decision-support and conflict resolution in nuclear waste management.

This research involved Decidia’s François Diaz-Maurin and Jerold Yu, in collaboration with Prof. Rodney Ewing from Stanford University.

The two preprints are available on EarthArXiv, a non-peer reviewed repository hosted at the California Digital Library.

  • Diaz-Maurin, François, Jerold Yu, and Rodney C. Ewing. “Socio-Technical Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Nuclear Waste Management Strategies: Introducing the Method.EarthArXiv, November 6, 2020.
  • Diaz-Maurin, François, and Rodney C. Ewing. “Socio-Technical Evaluation of Long-Term Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Options: The Case of San Onofre, California.EarthArXiv, November 6, 2020.

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