Chrysalis—Standard Analysis

Respond to societal demands and regulatory requirements by applying one or more of our standard methods.


Your organization already has skills and methods in place to develop projects.

By applying one or more of our standard methods, we help your organization to expand its technical expertise to societal dimensions of analysis.

We help your organization to apply one or more of our standard integration and oversight methods.


Uncertainty analysis

Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis for estimating, analyzing, and reducing uncertainties in computational models.

Sensitivity auditing

Uncertainty qualitative assessment and sensitivity auditing of the technical analyses supporting the design and licensing of technologies.

Conflict management

Social impact analysis, coalition formation process and search of compromise solutions for environmental remediation, waste management strategies, energy systems and large infrastructures.

Integrated assessment

Multi-scale integrated assessment of resource management strategies, energy supply systems and nuclear waste disposal systems.

Performance evaluation

Multi-criteria performance evaluation for comparison of energy systems, nuclear waste geological systems, and resource management strategies in different social and environmental contexts.

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